Viacom Voting Experience

Role: UX, Design Direction

MTV wanted to rethink the online voting experience for the their award shows (MTV Movie Awards and VMAs) to make it more fun and easy-to-use while increasing voter participation. The process included working with research to understand user feedback from past voting experiences along with data around participation, sketching workshop with various stakeholders to generate ideas, surveys with the audience to gain more insight into what motivates their participation in voting and user-testing to validate ideas.

The new experience increased engagement with users voting in 8.7 of 10 categories in the VMAs and votes in general were up by 12% and engagement on the page increased by 184%. The product went on to be used for other brand events under the Viacom umbrella. 


Early Concepts

Sketches exploring concepts to engage user to participate in voting.

Voting in all categories gave the user a "personality quiz" type result to share on social media. View wireframes


Prototypes for mobile voting interactions explorations:
These concepts were tested with users to refine the final mobile voting interaction. 

Card Swipe :  View prototype

Card SwipeView prototype

Image Tap :  View prototype

Image TapView prototype

List Swipe:   View prototype

List Swipe: View prototype


After creating initial sketches, wires and mobile prototypes to hone in on the concept, I then went on to oversee a UX Designer and Visual Designer working on the core product.


MTV "Federal" Designs
The color palette changes per the event branding, but this is the default look and feel. 

The Voting experience has since supported multiple Viacom Events like MTV Movie & TV Awards, MTV VMAs and CMT Music Awards. It can be skinned to support different event brand needs. See examples below: