MTV News App

Role: UX and Design Direction

MTV News wanted to expand it’s audience by creating an app to showcase their editorial content, but contain special features to warrant a user downloading the app. In earlier sessions with users, we learned how it was popular with our audience to screenshot news articles and post them to Instagram. We validated this idea against others with users and screenshot sharing became the basis for the app. The app launched on iOS and Android. It was a featured app in the Apple App Store. 

I created initial sketches, wires and prototypes. Oversaw another designer working on the final designs and interactions.


Initial sketches of concepts

The idea was to allow users to get notifications on the topics they were interested in. User felt stressed out by the idea of adding more notifications to their life. 

Sketches of screenshot sharing concept. View click-through prototype. 

Sketches of screenshot sharing concept. View click-through prototype





Final Designs